Athelas Hill Goats





Farm Management

Herbal (1)-Conventional (10) 1-10 Scale: 1

Parasite Protocol:
First part of any parasite prevention is nutrition and minimizing stress. The goats get a blend of anti-parasite herbs & gut healing herbs that I make myself every day. I'm in Florida, so it's pretty much always wet here. Each month on the full moon, they also get some anti-parasite homeopathics in their water. The kids get 1/4 the adult amount twice a day at first, then 1/2 the adult amount. By the time they're 5 months old or so, they get the full adult amount. Kids get about 10 drops of garlic tincture (organic garlic and organic grain alcohol) twice a day through weaning. Bucklings are weaned at 10-12 weeks, though if one needs it I can separate mom & him longer. When dam raised, they know who mom is. ;) Doelings get weaned about a month after mom is bred again. They get moved to a separate small pasture with shelter, where they can see and talk to mom but can't nurse. Then I also make sure to have a bucket of water on the outside, in case mom just wants to hang out there. The kid(s) and mom get Rescue Remedy and also may get other homeopathics and/or Bach Flower Essences as needed. I also keep tinctures of garlic, onion and ginger on hand. I use a rather strong blend of the 3 to treat tapeworm plus a GI soothing blend. The main job of these is as daily anti-parasite support for the chickens. They all, adults & chicks, get apple cider vinegar, ginger tincture and onion tincture in their water. Then on full moon days, I will either put anti-parasite homeopathics in their water (if it's time to refill their waterer) or on top of their food.

Vaccination Protocols: No Vaccinations