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Farm Management

Herbal (1)-Conventional (10) 1-10 Scale: 2

Parasite Protocol:
Primarily the farm management noted forms the basis of my parasite protocol. Supporting the animals for optimal nutrition and strong immune systems has greatly increased hardiness. Some of my animals came from herds with conventional management. For these animals I find a time of transition is needed. In 2018 I had a large barberpole outbreak. Even after cleaning out the pasture with rotation and kunekune some of the does harbored the parasites internally and they would break out with a high load during times of stress, such as kidding. In 2022 I experienced great success with very low parasite loads. I did use minimal chemical dewormers. In 2023 I will do one more year with Bioworma to ensure the pastures are clean and I do not plan to use chemical dewormers.

Vaccination Protocols: No Vaccinations