Cottonwood Hollow





Farm Management

Herbal (1)-Conventional (10) 1-10 Scale: 1

Parasite Protocol:
We use an herbal wormer called GI Soother and DWA from Fir Meadows. We give it to them once per week. We have been doing this for six years and have never had a parasite issue. Occasionally we will have a fecal run by the vet and they always want to know what wormer we use. When I tell them it is an herbal wormer, they scoff and say that it won't work. A few minutes later they come out looking embarrassed and tell us that there were NO parasites!

Vaccination Protocols: No Vaccinations

Breeder's Listings

State: Kansas
Animal Attributes: Unvaccinated, NonGMO, Organic, Health Tested, Registered