Honeycutt Hill Farms





Farm Management

Herbal (1)-Conventional (10) 1-10 Scale: 3

Parasite Protocol:
We have taken extended classes on biosecurity, FAMACHA & dairy farm management to prevent disease's, parasites, uphold clean living areas and increase safety. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and hopefully avoids any sick animals. (Although not everything is in our control, and thats ok) We will not use any chemical dewormers/antibiotics unless it is the absolute last resort in order to save an animal. Overuse of such products does not create a healthy and strong immune system for our animals in our opinion and has created high levels of resistance. The animals' welfare and quality of life are #1 here. Our goats rotate fields as to limit the parasite load instead of using continual grazing. We use an herbal wormer 1x a month and test often which includes fecals. We prefer to graze them in taller grasses and shrubs/trees as this mimic's their diet and foraging agenda anyway. 90%-95% of our goats diet is hay with minimal grains, free choice minerals, vitamin supplements when needed and clean water.

Vaccination Protocols: No Vaccinations