Tethered Hearts Homestead Nigerian Dwarfs

May His Glory Be Made Known





Farm Management

Herbal (1)-Conventional (10) 1-10 Scale: 3

Parasite Protocol:
We do not use chemical dewormers on our doe pen unless the situation is truly dire, which has not happened. We use Little Avalon Farm Bug N' Out and cleanliness as prevention. We do use Baycox at 3,6,9 and 12 weeks in kids for prevention of coccidia. Our ADULT buck pen is wormed with safeguard or ivermectin only when a fecal suggests that is is truly necessary. Buckling kids are NOT treated for worms prior to going to their new homes and are sold directly out of our doe pen at 9-10 weeks old. We use chickens and ducks in the buck pasture to help break the parasite lifecycle and we have very little issue.

Vaccination Protocols: No Vaccinations