Terms and Conditions

Purpose of Site

This directory is specifically geared toward naturally minded breeders and animal lovers.  I will personally review and attempt to vet every submission to keep listings in line with that focus.  While that can help, it is imperative you do due diligence and screen sellers further before sending any sort of payment.

Free to Use

It is my intention that this site remain always free to use.  You can search, list and use the site completely free.  In an effort to pay operating costs, I will make ad slots and featured listings available for purchase but these are never required to use the site.

Listing Expectations

This directory is only for naturally raised animals.  It is meant to be a safe haven from the limiting policies of other websites and allow free exchange of healthy, cared for animals between folks who love, care for and respect said animals.  No listings of items will be permitted currently, but that can be reassessed in the future based on user requests.

Definition of “Natural”

The definition of natural is going to vary among users, but the general expectation is that you are using herbal/plant based medicines where possible, approaching health from an overall holistic standpoint that encompasses nutrition, environment, happiness and health and try to limit herbicide/pesticide exposure for your animals.  Most folks who seek natural animals prefer that those animals not be vaccinated, but if you use modified vaccine schedules, select the appropriate option from the vaccine section in your listing and explain it further in the description.

Your Responsibility

When you create a listing, you are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted.  You are also responsible for the safekeeping of your personal, sensitive information.  Email addresses are not published on the website and addresses are hidden by default, but phone, if entered, will be published in your listing.  Enter only the contact information you are comfortable including.  If you do not wish your address to be public, leave the “Private Address” field checked and it will not be published on the website.

Advertising and Refunds

You may choose to purchase advertising on this website.  All ads will be manually reviewed for approval.  Only ads that are relevant to the natural livestock community will be approved.  Feel free to contact me before submitting an ad if you have questions.


Ads have a default duration indicated in the ad when you select it for purchase, usually 30 days.  These ads will automatically renew at the end of the term.  The payment provider should send you a reminder, but this is not something I have access to or control over, so it may be prudent to set a reminder yourself if you want to reevaluate before renewing.


Once approved, no refunds will be given for ads placed on the site.  You can request a refund for ads before they have been approved by contacting me through the form on this site.


I make no guarantees about the results of advertising here.  The more relevant your ad is to the natural livestock community, the more likely it is to yield results.

Ad Design

You are responsible for the design of the ad you place, except for featured or listing ads, which draw from the information you’ve entered into the listing you are paying to advertise.  Etsy, eBay and Fiverr are all places you can go to hire ad designers.

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